With networks expanding globally, Japanese trading companies, or SHOSHA, influence a vast array of business fields. More than just facilitating trade, SHOSHA invest capital to grease the wheels of innovation.
Recently, SHOSHA have garnered worldwide attention by using their businesses to contribute globally to humanitarian and environmental efforts and to meet the needs of developing nations. Here, we will look at some of these businesses.

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  • The Water Business
  • Green Energy Production
  • Energy and Resources
  • The Foods Business
  • Infrastructure Business

The Foods Business

As the population of the world grows and the foods in developing nations get more sophisticated, the need for high-quality food and the demand for biofuels will climb. Since the year 2000, the price of food has risen dramatically, and is expected to continue rising.

In this situation, the main consideration is how to provide a safe, stable, cheap supply of food. Japan provides about 40 percent of its own calorie baseline, and relies very heavily on food imports. Therefore, providing a stable supply of safe food is vital for Japan’s food security.

The shosha’s forte is supplying raw food materials, and they actively invest in foodstuff and distribution companies. They are establishing a value chain from initial production to retail, and expanding in Asian countries and other regions.

1. Issues in the Foods Business
2. Expansion of the Foods Business throughout the World

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SHOSHA Foods Business by region

  • China

    With 1.3 billion people as of 2011, China has world’s biggest population and their economy has a high growth rate of ...

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  • Asia

    Asian economies have seen rapid growth and are expected to become driving forces in the world economy. ...

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  • Oceania

    Australia produces more than 30 million tons of grain per year, most of which is exported to other countries in Asia ...

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  • Europe / CIS

    Europe / CIS
    In Europe, shosha are taking part in various operations. In the Netherlands, a shosha has partnered with ...

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  • North Africa

    North Africa
    The United States is the world’s most stable grain producer and exporter. However, faced with the need to be ...

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  • Central and South America

    Central and South America
    Brazil is getting a lot of attention as a major producer and exporter of grain. According to FAO, the potential ...

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