JFTC New Symbol and Logotype
January 8, 2008
Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc. (JFTC), established on June 25, 1947, with the merger of four foreign trade promotion organizations to become a core private-sector organization concerned with Japan’s international trade, last year celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding.

On the occasion of this 60th anniversary, we have adopted a new symbol and logotype in order to strengthen our organizational and visual identity and broaden our appeal to regular members, associate members, and the general public. The new symbol and logotype were announced at a press conference on January 8, 2008.

In the process of creating the new symbol and logotype, in addition to reviewing our sixty-year history and reconfirming our identity as an organization, we implemented a survey in which we asked our members and friends outside the organization to help us by giving us their image of what we have been and should be. In developing the design, we put together a list of concepts (keywords) based on the results of this survey, and referred to this in designing an easily readable logotype, selecting a symbol from among more than 300 designs, and selecting a refreshing blue as our official color.

Concepts of Developing the Design (Keywords)

Leadership     Harmony     Trust

Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc. and its members, placing emphasis on harmony with the international community, civic society, and the global environment, will continue to play a leadership role in promoting the prosperity of the Japanese economy and development of the international economic community through activities that earn the trust of society. While maintaining harmony with its members, JFTC will from time to time take the lead in bringing them together, ensuring that it has their complete trust in conducting these activities. Incorporating the spirit of three keywords—“leadership,” “harmony,” and the “trust” that forms their basis—JFTC has decided on this symbol mark and logotype to represent its activities and ideals as an organization.

The smooth arcs extending from the J and C express the mutual links, interaction, and resonance between JFTC members and society and between Japan and the world. The design aims to represent JFTC making great strides toward the development of the international economic community as it earns people’s trust through these links and harmony with civic society and the global environment. The use of italic type and a serif font express the harmony of gentleness and trust.

JFTC Identity

  1. JFTC was founded in 1947 as a core private-sector organization concerned with international trade, and was reorganized in 1986 as a trade-industry association whose core members are trading companies and trading organizations.
  2. We responds to the needs of its membership through a wide range of activities, especially, policy proposals directed at improving the environment for international trade and investment.
  3. The trading companies (Shoshas) that support our core activities interface with a wide range of other industries, and by actively making policy proposals that also benefit the operations of these related industries, we aim at the healthy development of our nation’s international trade and of the trade industry. Thus, we are a public interest organization seeking to contribute to the prosperity of the Japanese economy and the development of the international economy and society.