SHOSHA Activities - SHOSHA Social Action Activities

SHOSHA Social Action Activities

Shosha work to fulfill social obligations by aiding businesses in humanitarian efforts. Shosha contribute to social welfare projects, environmental protection, education and international communication, art and culture through a variety of social action programs.

Social Welfare

Many Shosha have a history of providing generous relief aid money to disaster-stricken areas and CSR activities include employee volunteer programs. Shosha also contribute to building facilities and providing safe water in order to improve the lives of people in need.

Environmental Protection

Many Shosha have established foundations to promote green energy and renewable resources and to aid NPOs, colleges and research institutes involved in these endeavors. In addition, Shosha are involved in rainforest conservation efforts, forestation projects, coral reef preservation and more.

Education and International Communication

Recognizing the importance of internationally minded leaders in the future, Shosha are involved in educational programs that promote international perspective. Shosha run scholarship foundations, book drives and fundraisers all over the world while establishing financial groups in Japan to promote education and offer exchange and research courses for students in other countries.

Art and Culture

Art and culture are also part of Shosha social action pursuits. In the past, Shosha have given awards at music competitions, assisted orchestra concerts, and established programs to help aspiring artists. They have also contributed to youth sports associations and managed arts resource centers and museums. In other countries, Shosha assist museums by providing funding and motor vehicles.

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