SHOSHA Activities - Challenging New Business Fields

Challenging New Business Fields

Since the early 1990s, there have been dynamic changes in the economic circumstances surrounding the Shosha institution, triggered by;

1) accelerated globalization, 2) a new wave of technological innovation led by ICT, and bio-and nano-technology, 3) growing concerns over environmental issues, 4) a power shift from a producer-centered society to a customer-centered society, 5) a wave of deregulation and privatization, notably in the financial and telecommunication fields, and 6) a falling birth rate and the Japan’s aging population.

Amid these changes, Shosha are taking a positive approach to create new businesses. In particular, the spirit of taking on the challenge of innovation and development of new business frontiers is unique to and descendant from Shosha, which have a history of thriving in the face of adversity – times that were historically referred to as the "passing of Shosha" or the "winter of Shosha" - and have always been spared by their dynamic development of creative functions and incursions into new business domains.

Today’s Shosha, with their integrated capabilities in the form of IT (information technology), FT (financial technology), LT (logistics technology) and MT (marketing technology) functionally, are actively involved in such new growth fields as ICT, bio-and nano-technology, healthcare, retailing, finance and environmental-related fields.


E-conversion of existing business; introduction of IC tags in retailing; e-procurement in various industries; organizing SCM (supply chain management); operation of web shopping malls; broadband communication services and contents supply; e-conversion of IT,FT, LT services; IT solutions system engineering and supply of related software and hardware.

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Bio-and Nano-Technology

Genetic analysis; genome sequence analysis; genome-based drug discovery; genetic diagnosis and treatment; bio-informatics; biomass; fullerenes; carbon nanotubes; micro electro-mechanical systems

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Health Care

Technical development of bio-pharmaceuticals; outsourcing medial trials; managing hospitals and medical malls; distribution of drugs; operation and management of pharmacies, drug store chains, fitness clubs, elderly care goods stores and facilities for the elderly.

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Supermarkets; convenience stores; department stores; food service industries; non-shop sales (e-shopping, TV shopping, mail order shopping); apparel brand businesses; comprehensive retail support; distribution centers

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Network banking, settlement; securities trading, and insurance undertakings; investment consulting and advising; securities trading; M&A support; venture capital funds; buy-out funds

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Recycling and reuse of refuse such as PET bottles and other plastic products, electrical appliances, automobiles, personal computers; prevention of global warming through forestation, carbon emissions trading, development of such clean energy resources as wind power, biomass energy, fuel cell power generation and bio- ethanol, etc.

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