SHOSHA Activities - Challenging New Business Fields


E-business cannot be consummated in cyber space alone. It must be supported by real business operations in logistics, financing, credit, currency exchange, and settlement, among others. the SHOSHA have acquired an extensive storage of know-how and expertise in those areas through real business experience, and are fully and effectively exercising it to meet the various requirements as e-business partners. The ICT age is fostering a new set of criteria on the abilities of the SHOSHA, which were initially expected to be "skipped" as simple intermediators, but are now creating even greater appreciation as catalysts between real and virtual space.

Trading firm Project (subsidiary) Description
Itochu Corporation Excite Japan Co., Ltd.
Internet portal site service
Services in internet information collection and provision of an internet portal site.
NANO Media Inc. Distribution of content to mobile communication devices.
Integrated systems engineering..
ITC NETWORKS CORPORATION Sales of mobile communication devices.
Kanematsu Corporation Kanematsu Electronics Ltd.(KEL) KEL designs and implements information systems and provides operation and consulting services for businesses based on KEL’s expertise in information technologies. KEL retails, leases, maintains, develops IT system products and software, and also send loan engineers.
Kanematsu Communications Ltd. Sales of mobile communications equipment and related equipment, and ASP service for mobile phones.
Kanematsu Granks Corp. Mobile content business (planning/proposal/development/management of e-books, games and other content), media (sales agent for Internet advertising, etc.), and mobile solutions business.
Sumitomo Corporation MonotaRO Co, Ltd. On-line sales of indirect materials. On-line sales of indirect materials for offices and factories.
Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation Development of software, sales of computer systems, IT outsourcing, integrated solution business and related services.
MS Communications Co., Ltd. Integrated mobile telephone sales.
G-Plan Inc. Point exchange and advertising. CRM marketing on the internet.
AlphaBridge Corporation Planning for distribution of accumulation-type interactive content (travel, comics, etc.) to net work businesses.
Global Travel On-line Inc. On-line travel agent.
WAM! NET Japan K.K. Data transfer for video, sound and image services.
Sojitz Corporation Sojitz Systems Corporation SI, ASP, network security, overseas IT project.
Nissho electonics corporation. Providing leading-edge IT solutions and services.
Toyota Tsusho Corporation Tomen Electronics Corporation Marketing and sales of semiconductors, integrated circuits, electronics components and computer-related equipment.
Tomen Device Corporation Sales of semiconductors memories and other electronics components.
Toyota Tsusho Electronics Corporation Sales of semiconductors and software for automobiles.
Hitachi High Technologies
Financial Reporting
Service Solutions

Providing financial data and services to financial institutions in XBRL format. XBRL is eXtensible Business Reporting Language developed to make it easier to computerize, prepare, compare,
and analyze financial reports.

Marubeni Corporation Marubeni Telecom Co., Ltd. Sales of telecommunications services and equipment, IT solutions and mobile content.
Marubeni Solutions Corp. Sales of computers, network products, semiconductor-related products and systems integration.
Global Access Ltd. Providing international/domestic bandwidth via own optic fiber cable network.
Mystery Channel, Inc Broadcast of a mystery channel via satellite broadcasting and CATV.
Mitsui & Co., Ltd World Hi-Vision Channel, Inc. Operation of BS digital high definition television channel (starting in December 2007) named Twellv.
NetMile Incorporated Online marketplace incentive-point program.
MITSUI & CO.,LTD.VIXIA Inc. e-marketing service.
LinkShare Japan K.K. EC (e-commerce) site for affiliate link program.
Kids Station Inc. Broadcasting of TV programs for children.
DOGADO Inc. Distribution of animation contents to mobiles/PCs (a joint venture with Shochiku Co. Ltd.).
Moshi Moshi Hotline, Inc. Comprehensive telemarketing and direct marketing operations.
Telepark Corporation Sales of mobile phones and telecommunication services.
Mitsui Electronics Inc Investments in semiconductor device sales companies.
J-SCube Inc. A business process outsourcer.
Mitsui knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. Provides comprehensive services in consultation, R&D, product sales, cooperation and maintenance in the area of systems and network integration as well as data-center services and other IT communication services.
Mitsubishi Corporation Net One Systems Co., Ltd. Sales of LAN-WAN related equipment and software, network integration.
MS Communications Co., Ltd. Sales of integrated mobile telephones with Sumitomo Corp; an equal tie-up between MC Telenet and Sumisho Telemate.