SHOSHA Activities - Challenging New Business Fields

Bio- and Nano- Technology

Formerly, the SHOSHA’s approach to technology-related business tended to go no further than simple mediation of new technologies between a foreign licenser and a Japanese licensee.
Today, however, they are establishing a new business model based on the role of incubator of leading-edge technologies, getting involved right from the R&D stage in the discovery of new technologies and growing them into commercially viable profit making businesses.
Specifically, the commercial utilization of such basic technologies as bio- and nano-technologies is too widespread to allow any single industry or company to be involved in the complete line of development, from the early stages all the way to commercialization and marketing.
The SHOSHA, therefore, are pursuing strategic tie-ups with the world's top-notch research institutions, including universities, venture businesses and major companies to incubate bio- and nano-technology related businesses, fully leveraging their diversified capabilities based on their worldwide business networks.

Trading firm Project (subsidiary) Description
Itochu Corporation MPM Capital Investments in and tie-up with the largest bio VCF in the U.S.A.
JAPANBRIDGE, Inc Bio-venture business in association with the U.S. MPM CAPITAL.
The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology General partnership with the institute (an independent administrative entity) for support of SMEs.
National Laboratory U.S.A. Partnership with the "Los Almos National Laboratory" and "Lawrence Livermore NL", the representative national laboratories in U.S.A for introduction of advanced technology.
Iwatani Corporation ClF3 Gas Cluster Etching Technology Achieves anisotropic processing by blowing gas directly onto the baseboard, without any discharge.
Sumitomo Corporation Summit Pharmaceutical International Corporation (SPI) Support for drug discovery by domestic pharmaceutical firms.
Summit Glyco Research
Research and development of proprietary glycotechnology and related medical products and services.
Summit Biotechnology Fund Bio-VCF led by Sumitomo Corp., with funds of 10 billion yen.
Tie-up with NEC Contracts for the licensing of and application development for two patents held by NEC for carbon nanotubes.
Carbon Nanotechnology Inc. Sales and application development of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT) patented by the U.S. firm CNI.
Nagase Co., Ltd. Nagase R&D Center Started in 1990 as the first R &D entity among the SHOSHA. A driving force in expanding the business through core technologies (process development, bio-related technology, development and application of natural materials, supporting the development of new drugs and analytical technology.
Chori Co., Ltd. New drug development-
Knowledge Based Labor
Intensive Industry
New drug development drawing on high quality human resources and research facilities in collaboration with a labor-intensive partner in China.
Hitachi High Technologies
Miniscope Development and sales of high-magnification table-top miniscope.
Collaboration with Hokkaido University in an industry-
academia partnership
Analysis of the function and structure of the "lectin-based sugar chain" and application research and development.
Marubeni Corporation Venture capital. Investments in such U.S. bio-related firms/funds as Bear Stearns and Caduceus 1&2, and in Europe Merlin 3 and the nano-tech-related Critical Technologies Fund.
Osteo genesis 6.8% interest in a VB for bone regeneration through cell processing, established on the basis of an invention by a professor at Nagoya University.
CBS Research Institute 5.4% interest in a VB for the development of therapeutics for the central nervous system with the support of Keio University.
MITSUI & CO.,LTD. Nanotech R&D Promotion of R&D, production and commercialization of businesses related to carbon nanotubes and nanoporous membranes by a nanotech R&D subsidiary.
PharmoLogicals Research Research joint venture company established in Singapore with a focus on anticancer therapeutic & diagnostic antibody drugs.
Correlogic Systems, Inc.. Investment in and business partnership with Correlogic,a US venture for development of cancer diagnosis systems(
Mitsubishi Corporation Frontier Carbon Corporation JV with Mitsubishi Chemical for fullerene manufacture and sales.
Development of applications
for fullerene
Establishment of two firms (Proton C60 Power and Vitamin C60 Bioresearch) for development of applications related to fuel cells and cosmetics.
Nanotech Community Strategic partnership for the promotion of nanotech projects; tie-ups with university laboratories, VBs, etc.
Cosmos Alliance Participation in an international exchange organization established by Frank Young, former commissioner of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration,to assist the growth of bio-ventures.
Burrill & Company Investment in a fund organized by B&C, a major U.S. bio-related VCF.