SHOSHA Activities - Challenging New Business Fields


While the SHOSHA have conventionally utilized financing as a supplement for their trade activities, they have recently begun to develop business in financing itself. Moreover, their business is by no means confined to the domains of existing financial institutions such as banks, securities traders and insurance companies. It extends to IT-linked network financial services, M&A support, venture capital funds and buy-out funds based on being a total solution provider as opposed to just simple fund injection.

Trading firm Project (subsidiary) Description
Itochu Corporation Orient Corporation Consumer credit business
ITOCHU Finance Corporation Loans and other finance for BtoB businesses.
FX Prime Corporation Foreign exchange margin trade for individuals.
Sumitomo Corporation SUMITOMO CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Investment consulting firm.
SC Biocapital Bio-fund management.
Development and sales of new financial products Sumitomo Head Office operation; Agent for fuel price fixing derivatives, climate derivatives, emission rights trading.
Sumisho ElecTrade Ltd. Online commodity/financial futures trading and professional dealer traning.
Marubeni Corporation Synergy Capital Corporate rehabilitation fund.
Marubeni Venture Capital Fund Venture capital fund..
MITSUI & CO.,LTD. MITSUI & CO.,LTD., Energy Risk Management Ltd. (MERM) Energy derivatives dealing.
MVC Corporation Investment in venture capital.
Japan Alternative Investment Co., Ltd. Intermediary for alternative investment products such as hedge funds.
Mitsui Leasing & Development.. Ltd. Leasing and finance businesses.
Mitsubishi Corporation Mitsubishi Corp/UBS Realty Inc. Real estate investment trust (REIT).
AI Capital Millenia Venture Partners Co., Ltd.
Development and sales of new financial products Management of a venture capital fund.
Mitsubishi Corporation Capital Ltd. Securities business and investment consulting..