SHOSHA Activities - Challenging New Business Fields


With the implementation of the new legislation enacted to create a recycling-based society, the SHOSHA are vigorously developing recycling and reuse related businesses in various fields. Additionally, in response to international agreements reached under the Kyoto Protocol, the SHOSHA are actively approaching new businesses aimed at emission rights trading, photovoltaic and wind power generation and the development of such alternative fuels as bio-ethanol and bio-diesel.

Trading firm Project (subsidiary) Description
Itochu Corporation Plant-derived synthetic textiles Natural recyclable material made from corn.
Assisting water quality
improvement in Lake Biwa
Japanese paper products made with reeds from Lake Biwa.
Bio-mass fuel Bio-mass fuel production in Brazil and Indonesia.
Solar Power Generation Investment in Nor Sun (a Norwegian producer of ingot wafer), Solar Depot LLC (the US SI), Scatec Solar A.S(a Norwegian SI), Greenvision Ambiente photo-solar SRL(an Italian SI), Enolia Solar Systems S.A.(a Greek SI), Ecosystem Japan Co.,Ltd. (a Japanese SI) and Solar Net LLC(the US SI).
Alternative energy Wind power, bio-mass. Geothermal power generation EfW (energy from waste).
InkMax Co., Ltd. Inkjet printing business (a joint venture with Denenchofu Roman Co., Ltd.).
MOTTAINAI Campaign With "MOTTAINAI" as an echo-life brand, promoting company-wide campaign for a recycling-based society.
ELV recycling 3R Corp. Proper disposal of end-of life vehicles (ELV’s) and recycling and sales of useful automotive components and materials.
Iwatani Corporation Towards a hydrogen energy based society Construction of liquid hydrogen plants and hydrogen stations for automobiles and enlightenment through science lessons.
PFC Dissolution and Recovery Recycling System

Technology for dissolving, detoxifying, and recovering/recycling PFC (perfluorocarbons) used in semi-conductor and LCD production, and thereby contribute to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and their effects.

Kanematsu Corporation Biogas Business
(Substitute energy for fossil fuels)
Development and commercialization of biogas, an inexaustible renewable energy.
Sumitomo Corporation Emission rights trading Investment in NatSource JAPAN Co.,Ltd.
Bio mas power generation The first business in Japan to sell green electric power generated from biomass to Yamada Denki.
Service Robot Business Leading-edge autonomous cleaning robot which enables to save on labor cost in cleaning common spaces of building floors as well as to add value to the office buildings with its greater cleaning capacity than human workers
Sumikin Bussan Corporation Green Logistics Planning System Sharing logistics information between Sumikin Bussan, its customers, and logistics companies to improve distribution efficiency and, as a result, reduce CO2 emission in the international supply chain.
Sojitz Corporation Echo Energy JAPAN Corporation Sojitz 75.5% interest. Industrial waste treatment with thermal recycling.
Chori Co., Ltd. Covering the Gobi Desert with Solar Cells New energy business aimed at the the global warming crisis.
Toyota Tsusho Corporation Eurus Energy Holdings -Wind Power Generation Wind power generation. A joint venture with the Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd.
Vestech JAPAN Sole agent in Japan for Vestas (Denmark), the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer.
Emission rights trading Methane gas reduction project in Asia centering on China.
Fuel cells Design and implementation of a value chain for fuel.
Scrap vehicle recycling Sales and export of re-usable parts and recycling of scrap and shredder dust.
Uniform Recycling Business Establishment of an integrated uniform recycling system (recycling chain) in handling from restoring the used uniforms to its remanufaturing into new ones.
Bio-Diesel Fuel Development of highly-efficient and superior quality biodiesel fuel manufacturing processes that are environmental-friendly and recycle-oriented, adopted for vehicles competing in the Dakar Rally 2008.
HANWA Co.,Ltd. POP STEP Hanwa, jointly with Lonseal Corp. and Ojitac. Co.,Ltd. have developed a new materials technology that allows for advertising in floor spaces. This special plastic material is easy to both paste and peel off the floorand is environmentally-friendly as well.
Joint creation of environmentally friendly industrial waste management systems Decommissioning (dismantling) incinerators, detoxification and other processes related to reducing or eliminating dioxins.
Basalt Continuous Fibers High performance, environmentally friendly (composite) material produced from natural basalt rock through a refined smelting process.
Recycling Resale or recycling of used products/equipment and the conversion of industrial plastic waste into fuel.
Nagase & Co., Ltd. Environmental conservation business Support for zero-emissions. Developing resources, recycling type business models.
Marubeni Corporation Fuel Cell Japan, Co., Ltd. Import and sales of fuel cells made by the U.S. firm, "Fuel Cell Energy" and general consulting.
Ecomanage Corporation Design, implementation, contracting and consulting for waste treatment businesses.
Saitama Pet Bottle Recycle Co., Ltd. Production and sales of PET flakes made from used PET bottles.
MITSUI & CO.,LTD. Development of Emission Reduction Projects Development of CDM & JI Projects under Kyoto Protocal. Concretely, projects related to, such as i) Collection & Destruction of Green House Gases, ii) Renewable Energy and iii) Energy Effeciency.
Marketing of Carbon Credits Marketing of Carbon Credits toward customers all over the world mainly in Japan, teaming up with Cantor CO2e .com.
Electric double layer capacitor Development, manufacturing and sales of new energy storage equipment. Joint investment with OMRON Corporation in Power Systems Co., Ltd, a capacitor development venture company. Full-Scale production started in 2006.
Fuel cell development Investment in Canadian VB, development of household fuel cells (PEFC).
Wind power generation Operate the wind power genelation farm in U.S.A., Europe and Japan.
Grid interconnected inverter Teaming up with WINZ Corporation, a grid interconnected inverter (power conditioner) development company. Collaboration work for development and sales of inverters for fuel cells.
Bio-mass generation Operates Japan’s largest bio-mass power station in Ichihara City, Chiba, in cooperation with Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Kajima Corp. Combustion of woody bio-mass and RPF (refuse paper & plastic fuel).
Energy conservation project in China Integrated engineering support for energy conservation and concerted control devices in air-conditioning and lighting systems in large-scale buildings.
Recycling Solution Business

Expanding a comprehensive recycling business (environmental solution), as a world's pioneer in a kind of domestic “urban mines” development.

Mitsubishi Corporation Emission rights trading Investment in the U.S. firm NatSource, establishment of NatSource Japan as a JV aimed at the "ET" market in Japan.
Emission rights trading Investment of 5 million dollars in a carbon fund set up by the World Bank.
Sewage and Water Service Business

Using privatization method, MC works on the efficient operation ofwater supply business in Manila., which was inefficiently done compared with the water services of otherSoutheast Asian countries.