SHOSHA Activities - Challenging New Business Fields

Health Care and Life Care

Against the backdrop of an aging society and increasing national medical costs, coupled with the chronic shortage of nurses in Japan, drastic structural reform in the medical care service field is urgently needed.
In response to a variety of social needs the SHOSHA are actively developing business in different fields, such as outsourcing in the drug development process, hospital and clinic management consulting, anchored by REITs and medical logistics.
These operations also encompass management support for drugstores, the on-line sales of drugs and health related products, the rental of nursing care products and the operation of health care facilities for the elderly, drawing fully on the SHOSHA’s combined IT, LT and FT capabilities.

Trading firm Project (subsidiary) Description
Itochu Corporation Century Medical Inc. Wholesaling of medical equipment and materials.
Healthcare-Tech Corporation Logistics and bulk sales of medical care materials for use in hospitals.
ACRONET Corporation Clinical and non-clinical trial management outsourcing for pharmaceuticals (clinical research organization).
CTC LABORATORY SYSTEMS Corporation IT based support for new pharmacentical development.
WELLNESS Communications Corporation Provider of aphysical check-up network and related data management.
IML Corporation Operation and management of PET (Polythylene telephthalate) facilities.
Japan Bridge Inc. Support for new pharmacentical development.
MYSTAR ENGINEERING CORP Maintenance of medical equipment and operation/ management of facilities.
Kanematsu Corporation KANEMATSU WELLNESS
Processing and marketing of health food, medical information business.
Sumitomo Corporation Sokai Drug Internet sales of health foods, drugs and living essentials.
Marubeni Corporation Precision Japan Ltd. Sales of golf clubs and accessories, import of fitness equipment.
Mecca Corporation Import and marketing of fitness equipment, sports and health care products.
TIPNESS Limited Operations of sports clubs and facilities.
Benny estate service Co., Ltd. Home nursing care service under the "MINAMIKAZE" (southerly wind) brand.
Marubeni Chemix Corporation Wholesale of a wide range of high value-added and specialty chemicals to a number of different industries.
Stork Corporation Catering services supplying low-calorie health foods.
Given Imaging K.K. Sales company in Japan for capsule endoscopes.
MITSUI & CO.,LTD. R3 Health Care Co., Ltd. Operation of the medical and healthcare portal site "". A joint venture with Recruit Co., Ltd.
HOKENDOJINSHA Inc. Medical information service through publication, telephone counseling and operation of mobile site.
Medivance Co., Ltd. Planning, development and operation of medical mall.
Care'x Inc. Rental and wholesaling of nursing care goods.
MM Net Corporation Supply chain management (SCM) for dispensaries and drug stores.
Mitsubishi Corporation Sapporo Hospital of JNR Refurbishing of hospitals, integrated hospital management.
MC Medical, Inc. Distribution of medical equipments and devices. Home care business.
Nihon Hospital Service Co., Ltd. Medical supply management service. JITS (just in time and stockless).
Apprecia, Inc. Hospital solutions and consulting business.
Procure Inc. Group purchasing of equipment and supplies in the field of cardiovascular medicine.
Lifetime Partners, Inc Hospital management support, finance, etc.
Nippon Care Supply Co., Ltd Marketing and rental of nursing care equipment and related goods.
Heart and Heart Life Support Lifetyle support services for senior citizens that are linked with medical and nursing services.
Good Life Design Co., Ltd. Community health care support.