SHOSHA Functions

SHOSHA Functions

In developing business, the SHOSHA draw on an array of functions as noted below. Amid the changes in business circumstances, best represented by the “globalization” and “information technology (IT) revolution”, the SHOSHA are exploring ways to take advantage of high powered, diversified and value-added functions, built up over long years of experience in (1) information collection, analysis and market development capabilities (2) project management and risk management know-how and (3) IT (information technology), LT (logistics technology), FT (financial technology) and MT (marketing technology), etc. As suggested, the functions and roles of SHOSHA consistently change along with the needs of each era.

In Depth - SHOSHA Functions

Business Promotion

The core functions of SHOSHA drive their global business.

Research and Information

Collection and analysis of a wide range of information to utilize in daily business.

Market Development

Research and development of the global market.

Business Incubation and Management

Employing a variety of management resources to develop and nurture new business and support the management of group companies improving group-level performance.

Risk Management

Use a wide range of know-how and management resources to minimize various risks in daily business transactions.


Implementation of optimum logistics.


Provide distinctive financial facilities.

Large-Scale Project Organization

Utilizing various inherent capabilities to promote and materialize large-scale projects