Vison of SHOSHA

The Future of SHOSHA

At the beginning of the 21st century, the business environment surrounding SHOSHA is in the midst of momentous and rapid change. To respond to this change and to be able to contribute to economic advancement worldwide in the new century, the SHOSHA are promoting constant self-reform and striving to refine and renew their functions. In order to paint a portrait of the future SHOSHA, this section presents some of current changes taking place in the business environment, and a brief outline of their corporate vision, management plans and image of the future.

In Depth - The Future of SHOSHA

Changes in the business environment surrounding the SHOSHA

Description of changes in the business environment surrounding SHOSHA, such as globalization, the IT revolution, and global environmental issues.

Corporate vision, management plans and future outlook

Profile of the specific corporate visions, management plans and future outlooks of the SHOSHA.