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Introducing of the “SHOSHA” : changing to meet the requirements of each era.

Definition of "SHOSHA"
Originally the "SHOSHA" were known as trading companies, and then the term evolved to general trading companies. In the interim however, they have expanded and diversified their functions and business fields to include not only trading, but also investment as well as services and industry development. Since the appropriate words in English cannot be found to precisely explain the SHOSHA image, the Japanese word "SHOSHA" has become widely adopted.

SHOSHA Functions

To respond to the evolving needs of today’s businesses, SHOSHA are constantly adapting. Apart from just facilitating trade, SHOSHA also investigate opportunities, provide information, and perform a multitude of other functions.

The Future of SHOSHA

The management environment that SHOSHA deal in is rapidly changing due to globalization, the IT revolution, urgent environmental issues and more. Here, we look at the new SHOSHA model and SHOSHA management vision for the future.

SHOSHA Activities

SHOSHA cover the trade business spectrum from securing raw materials to selling finished goods. Here, we delve into SHOSHA’s accomplishments and relationship to the economy.

SHOSHA Social Action Activities

SHOSHA work to fulfill social obligations by aiding businesses in humanitarian efforts. SHOSHA contribute to social welfare projects, environmental protection, education and international communication, art and culture through a variety of social action programs.


Recently, SHOSHA have garnered worldwide attention by using their businesses to contribute globally to humanitarian and environmental efforts. Here, we look at some of these businesses.