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Published in March, 2023
Foreign Trade 2023

We are pleased to announce that in March 2023, Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc. published “Foreign Trade 2023”, with full coverage of Japan's foreign trade statistics on a customs-cleared basis for the previous year.

“Foreign Trade 2023” marks the 48th edition of this publication since it was first released in 1976. Using latest trade statistics, “Foreign Trade 2023” features Japan’s foreign trade, by area and by commodity. It is abundant with graphs and charts, and concise comments so readers can quickly grasp the basic trend of Japan’s trade. From the 2023 edition, “Foreign Trade” will be available in an e-book for a further convenience of the readers and the aim to go paperless.

We hope you will find this volume useful, as educational material for new employees, as a handy reference for overseas business trip, or as a reference material for employees in overseas offices.

Open E-book

— table of contents —
All (PDF)
Main Chapter (PDF)
Chapter 1. Overview of Trade (PDF)
Chapter 2. Trade by Major Area and Country (PDF)
Chapter 3. Trade by Major Commodity (PDF)
Data Chapter (PDF)
Chapter1. Japan's Trade in 2022 (PDF)
Chapter2. Trade Structure (PDF)
Chapter3. Imports of Petroleum (PDF)
Chapter4. Foreign Exchange Rate (PDF)
Chapter5. Developments in the Japanese Economy (PDF)
Chapter6. Balance of Payments (PDF)
Chapter7. Outward/Inward Direct Investment breakdown by Region and Industry (2021) (PDF)
Chapter8. Economic Cooperation (PDF)
Chapter9. Comparisons with Major Countries (PDF)
Chapter10. Major Events of 2022 (PDF)
Chapter11. Major Political/Economic Events in 2023 (PDF)
Chapter12. Trade Statistics of Major Area/Country (PDF)
Chapter13. EPAs etc. concluded or under negotiation by Japan (PDF)
Chapter14. F.Y.2023 Outlook for Japan's Trade Balance and Current Account (PDF)
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