What is JFTC?

Main Activities

 1. Policy Proposals
Working to improve and develop the international trade environment by submitting specific policy proposals and requests to government authorities concerning problems facing the international trade industry.

 2. Exchange of Views with Government and Other Organizations
Endeavoring to develop a common awareness of problems facing the international trade industry through the exchange of views with economic-related ministers and government authorities on all levels.

 3. Promotion of International Economic Exchange
Promoting international economic exchange and mutual understanding through interaction with foreign embassies, consulates, and government offices in Japan and hosting of state and official guests from abroad.
 4. Public Relations Activities
Undertaking a broad range of public relations activities with the aim of presenting an accurate picture of Japan's international trade and international trade industry, and to promote a better understanding of Japan in foreign countries.

 5. Information Gathering and Research Activities
Gathering information and undertaking research activities for the benefit of its members and to compile basic reference materials for its own activities. The research results are made available in periodic publications.
Special Study Report

 6. Information Service Activities
Providing timely information services pertaining to important economic and trade problems by organizing lectures and seminars for members.

 7. Contributing to International Society
Contributing to domestic and international society through supporting an NPO “Action for Better International Community (ABIC)” by utilizing the know-how and experience acquired over many years by its member Shoshas.