The Dawn of Commercial Trade - The birth of the Shosha

Created: March 2012 Total running time: 15m59s

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  • Chapter1 (1:56) Have you ever heard of a Shosha ?
    Prologue: The roots of the Shosha are the Kameyama Shachu established by Ryoma Sakamoto at the end of Japan’s isolation during the late Edo period
  • Chapter2 (2:34) The coming of the Black Ships, the opening of a country – the dawn of commercial trade
    Black ships suddenly appear. The Shogunate is threatened with invasion if they do not open Japan to trade.
  • Chapter3 (2:14) Protecting the nation
    Earn money through trading to build a navy that can stand up to Western powers!
  • Chapter4 (3:36) The birth of the trading company – the start of the Shosha
    Ryoma Sakamoto founds “Kameyama Shachu” in Kameyama, Nagasaki – the first trading company by private Japanese citizens.
  • Chapter5 (3:32) Changing Japan – Ryoma’s Senchu Hassaku
    Japan will not change unless the Tokugawa Shogunate is overthrown. Ryoma brings the rival Choshu and Satsuma Domains together through trade, working to achieve a change.
  • Chapter6 (2:05) Shosha working to achieve a society of abundance
    Keeping Ryoma’s ideas and the spirit of Kameyama Shachu alive