JFTC News 2001
No.97 Oct. PDF (6pages / 104.9KB)
1.   A Party to Commemorate the Launch of Action for a Better International Community Supported by Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc.
2.   A Symposium to Commemorate the Publication of 'The Transformation of Sogo-Shosha in the IT Age'
3.   Year 2000 Annual Transactions of JFTC's 49 Regular Trading Company Members
4.   Event - Welcome Luncheon with the president of the Republic of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
No.96 Apr. PDF (6pages / 57.2KB)
1.   New Year's Reception
2.   Request for the Early Conculusion of a Social Security Arrangement with Belgium
3.   Welcome Luncheon for Guy Nerhofstadt - Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium
4.   Transformation of the “Sogo-Shosha” in the IT Age / Strategies for the successful Market place
5.   Events - Welcome Luncheon for His Majesty King Harald V of Norway
No.95 Feb.
1.   Toward the Japan-Mexico Trade Agreement
2.   Forecasting Trade Balance & Current Account Balance of Japan for 2001
3.   Request Concerning Prompt Conclusion of a US-Japan Pension Agreemnt
4.   Events - Welcome Luncheon in Honor of His Excellency Mr. Zhu Rongji, Premier of the State Council, The People's Republic of China / Welcome Luncheon in Honor of His Excellency Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran / Meeting with Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentine / Lecture for Latin American Journalists Encounter / First Vice Minister of Trade, Ministry of Trade of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Visits to Chairman Miyahara of JFTC