JFTC News 2021
No.153 August 2021 PDF (9pages /374KB)
1.   Chairman’s Message
2.   Chairman’s Comments
3. JFTC New Office: An Optimal Space for Resolving Industry Challenges
4. The Key Points of Interaction with Stakeholders: Introducing the New Office
5. Discussion Paper “The Global Value Chain and Post-COVID Roles of Shosha
6. ABIC 20th Anniversary Members’ Gathering and Lecture Meeting
7. What is JFTC?
No.152 March 2021 PDF (12pages /715KB)
1.   2021 New Year’s Remarks by Chairman KOBAYASHI Ken
2.   Policy Recommendations and Proposals
3. Chairman’s Comments
4. FY2021 Outlook for Japan’s Trade Balance and Current Account
5. “SHOSHA: Creating Value Globally” Shosha Handbook 2020
6. Foreign Trade 2021
7. What is JFTC?