JFTC News 2019
No.149 August 2019 PDF (12pages /1MB)
1.   Shosha Personnel Discuss Business in Africa
2.   The FY 2019 Tax Reform Proposal and Results - Reforming CFC Tax Rules -
3. Addressing the tax challenges of the digital economy
- Submitting a Written Opinion to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) -
4. Declaration of Support for the TCFD Recommendations
5. Chairman's Comment
6. “SHOSHA: Creating Value Globally” Shosha Handbook 2019
7. What is JFTC?
No.148 February 2019 PDF (16pages /1.8MB)
1.   2019 New Year’s Reception
2.   Special New Year’s Talk
3. The Path to the Japan-China Social Security Agreement Quickly Going into Effect
4. Chairman's Comments
5. Commemorative Symposium for the 40th Anniversary of the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty
6. FY2019 Outlook for Japan's Trade Balance and Current Account
7. Foreign Trade 2019
8. “SHOSHA: Creating Value Globally” Shosha Handbook 2018
9. What is JFTC?