JFTC News 2018
No.147 July 2018 PDF (12pages /826KB)
1.   Interview with the New Chairman Nakamura
2.   Chairman’s Comments on the international trade environment
3. Revisions to the Shosha's Corporate Code of Conduct
4. Shosha’s Corporate Code of Conduct
5. “SHOSHA: Creating Value Globally” Shosha Handbook 2018
6. What is JFTC?
No.146 February 2018 PDF (20pages /1.4MB)
1.   2018 New Year’s Reception
2.   2018 New Year’s Reception Address by Chairman
3. Award Winners of JFTC Essay Competition 2017
4. "Human Resources Development for the Global Era"
5. "For further development of economic relations between China and Japan"
6. 49th Japan-Korea Business Conference
7. 55th Annual Japan Australia Joint Business Conference
8. Agreement in Principle Reached on TPP11
9. 54th Japan-U.S. Business Conference
10. Japan Foreign Trade Council Held 70th Anniversary Memorial Symposium
11. FY2018 Outlook for Japan's Trade Balance and Current Account
12. Foreign Trade 2018
13. What is JFTC?